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Session 203

October 31, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

New Hampshire Room (Lobby Level)

Click here for sesssion handout.

Introduction to Passive House - The Most Energy-Efficient Building Standard in the World?

Mike Duclos

Certified Passive House Consultant / PHIUS Plus Rater

DEAP Energy Group, LLC - Stow, MA

Session Description 

This introduction provides a perspective on the reasons for, and challenges of, what has been called the most energy efficient building standard in the world, with approaches to address those challenges. Passive House technology and philosophy considers the longevity and impact of our buildings on our comfort, health, finances and the environment, at a remarkable level of detail. Those who successfully complete a certified Passive House project often find their practice remarkably and permanently influenced by the experience. 

1. Understand why any solution to Climate Change must run through buildings
2. Understand how space heating demand of buildings can be reduced by 80% to 90% 
3. Appreciate the emphasis of the Passive House standard on Indoor Air Quality 
4. Understand the importance of third party review in building design and construction


Presentation Categories:  High Performance Buildings

Presentation Levels:  Basic

About Mike Duclos:

Mike Duclos is a principal and founder of The DEAP Energy Group, LLC, a consultancy providing a wide variety of Deep Energy Retrofit, Zero Net Energy and Passive House related consulting services. 

Mike is a HERS Rater with Mass. Residential New Construction Program, a Building Science Certified Infrared Thermographer, a PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultant and PHIUS Plus Rater, was responsible for the design and certification of the second certified Passive House in Massachusetts, holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from UMass Lowell, and two patents. He is responsible for two NESEA Building Energy Masters Series Passive House online courses, as well as working on many certified and uncertified Passive House projects, including the first multi-family certified passive house in NH, and the first commercial certified passive house in MA.