Session 304

October 31, 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Massachusetts Room (Lobby Level)

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Critters and Radon and Mold Oh My!

Aaron Johnson

Indoor Air Plus (Existing Homes)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Washington, D.C.

Session Description 

To the average citizen, the creepy contaminants that lurk throughout the home may go unnoticed for months or years before they lead to serious health issues. For more informed citizens, living in a home with drafts or moisture issues or dank crawlspaces or outdated mechanicals can feel like living in a haunted house! It can be daunting to consider how to remedy these issues. But never fear--the EPA’s IAP-X is coming! You may have heard of EPA’s Indoor airPLUS Program for labeling new homes with improved IAQ protections. EPA is now developing the Indoor airPLUS Existing Homes (IAP-X) Certification Specifications, a new labeling program for the millions of Americans looking to create a healthier home with a mark of distinction. We’ll start from the beginning: what’s an “existing home”? How do you assess what’s going on in your house and what to do about it? Indoor airPLUS is designed to help homeowners improve many of the important IAQ issues we face, including: moisture control (keep the fungi at bay), mechanical ventilation (dilute the pollutants), pest control (creepies, crawlies, scratchies, and stinkies), combustion safety (does your CO detector work?), contaminants (radon, VOCs), and—don’t forget—ongoing maintenance to keep it all working smoothly. IAP-X intends to provide a platform for the home performance industry to transform conventional home energy auditing into healthy home evaluation, while stimulating the market for analysis, repair, and verification with a focus on occupant health. When is it coming to your neighborhood? Get the latest update from EPA representatives developing the specifications and program model, and don’t miss this opportunity to provide valuable feedback to help make it a success.

Presentation Categories:  Occupant Health/Medical Issues, Testing & Research

Presentation Level: Intermediate

About Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson works with the Indoor airPLUS team in the Indoor Environments Division at EPA. He is currently leading development for new opportunities to label existing homes with Indoor airPLUS. Before joining EPA in 2017, Aaron consulted home builders and homeowners on improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency in both new and existing homes, and he has many years of experience presenting at conferences and training IAQ and energy efficiency professionals.

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