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Session 401

October 31, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Connecticut Room (Lobby Level)

Click here for session handout.

Moving Beyond "Sustainable": Architecture Seizing Its Biggest Lever

Timothy Lock


OPAL - Belfast, ME

Session Description 

How will the building on your boards perform 50 years from now? To meet the demands of a future carbon neutral built environment proposed by the Paris Accord and the AIA 2030 Commitment architect’s must consider sustainability parameters beyond energy modeling, but rather consider the building as part of a living human ecology. Beyond energy, health, habitat and life cycle carbon analysis now make up a matrix that moves building design and construction beyond sustainability. In conjunction with full EUI modeling, performance assessment can be laborious and is often left to consultants to assess; sometimes too late to realize synthesized solutions. Existing certifications either prioritize energy performance in building operation, or carbon neutrality in building construction, without considering the additive effects of the building’s lifespan. This session will seek to propose essential, but simple, metrics, which can by assessed early in design by the architect to achieve carbon neutrality and beyond over the lifespan of the building. Attendees will acquire a deeper understanding of real-world impact of material and design choices over the lifespan (and death) of a structure and walk away with key tools to take to any project. We will seek to cover the following topics:

• Demystifying Carbon dioxide equivalent
• Carbon sequestration and material choice
• Building relationships to health, ecology, and habitats
• Radical reduction of building energy use
• Energy production

Presentation Categories:  Building Design & Construction; Occupant Health/Medical Issues; Energy Efficiency; High Performance Buildings

Presentation Level: Intermediate, Advanced

About Timothy Lock:

As Management Partner at OPAL, Timothy Lock specializes in the management and direction of large-scale institutional projects. He has worked closely with a variety of institutional clients to achieve complex programmatic and sustainability goals.

Timothy believes firmly in the importance of professional practice in producing transformational outcomes, and is committed to maintaining the highest quality of process and integrity of architectural services, specifically in visionary, high performance projects with integrated sustainability directives. He received his professional architectural degree with honors from Syracuse University. He then practiced extensively in New York City with several firms on a wide range of residential and commercial design and projects. Before joining GO Logic in 2012 and helping found OPAL in 2019, Timothy managed design and construction of high-end townhouse and apartment renovations as a project manager at MADE LLC and founded a small residential and commercial practice, Swis.Loc Architecture. He is a current member of the Maine AIA Board of Directors and the Chair of the Maine AIA Committee On The Environment.