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Session 404

October 31, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Massachusetts Room (Lobby Level)

Click here for session handout.

Bust the Dust Mite Myth

Jeff May

IAQ Consultant

May Indoor Air Investigations - Tyngsborough, MA

Session Description 

“The weight of the average mattress doubles after ten years due to dust mite infestation, and the weight of the average pillow increases 10% after one year.” “Freeze pillows and stuffed animals for 24 hours.” Should anyone believe these? The Internet contains a great deal of bad advice in general and incorrect information regarding dust mites. This talk is intended to provide useful and scientific information about mites, mite ecology, symptoms and exposures. My mite experience is based on my observations of several dust-mite colonies I nurtured and the dust-mite literature that I have followed. I have taken thousands of samples from mite-infested household items and will illustrate my findings through photos and micrographs.

Presentation Categories:  Investigations, Testing & Research

Presentation Level: Basic

About Jeff May:

Jeffrey C. May, M.A. (organic chemistry, Harvard), Certified Microbial Consultant (ACAC), Certified Indoor Air Quality Consultant (AEE), Licensed Mold Assessor/Inspector in FL and NH; author of 4 books on IAQ, published by The Johns Hopkins University Press.