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Session 601

October 31, 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

Connecticut Room (Lobby Level)

Click here for session handout.

The Transmogrification of HVAC:
How Passive House Ventilation is Saving Energy and Improving IAQ

Barry Stephens

HVAC Sales

Ventacity Systems, Inc. - Scarborough, ME

Session Description 

Passive House (PH) ventilation utilizes Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) with very high efficiency heat recovery ventilation. This presentation will demonstrate the impact of this approach on both energy efficiency and optimizing indoor air quality. A comparison of conventional ventilation in commercial applications and the Passive House approach will provide a good understanding of the advantages of DOAS with Very High Efficiency Heat Recovery/Energy Recovery Ventilators. 
Attendees will Learn:
1) The difference between conventional HVAC and Passive House HVAC
2) The energy savings potential using PH DOAS systems
3) The improvements to IAQ and comfort using PH DOAS
4) How this approach has shown great results in multiple case studies across the country

Presentation Categories:  Occupant Health/Medical Issues; Energy Efficiency; High Performance Buildings

Presentation Level: Intermediate

About Barry Stephens:

Barry Stephens is the Northeast Region Sales Manager for Ventacity Systems, Inc. He joined Ventacity, a startup manufacturer of very high performance, Passive House certifed HRVs and ERVs, as well as advanced control systems, in March 2016. Prior to joining Ventacity he spent 15 years at Zehnder America, Inc., a Swiss based world leader in heat recovery ventilation, as the National Sales & Marketing Manager, and later as Business Development & Technology Director. He led the introduction of Zehnder systems in North America, and has been involved with projects across North America. These include Solar Decathlon teams, NZE homes, Passive House projects, and other very high performance buildings. He has presented at conferences across North America since 2010.