Session Number: PR-02

BAD ASS HVAC - One Simple System for Nearly Perfect Comfort and IAQ

Nate Adams - House Whisperer 

HVAC 2.0 Hiram, Ohio

About this Program:

While carefully designed and executed HVAC systems are wonderful, they're the exception rather than the norm. BAD ASS HVAC uses one piece of HVAC equipment that can work in most homes and be installed by most contractors to deliver very good comfort and air quality. We know, because we've been doing it for years!

Existing homes are 99% of our housing stock, this is a (fairly) simple system that could reach scale by replacing standard furnaces and air conditioners. It also works best in an all electric incarnation, so it's a piece of the electrification puzzle. What is it? Come find out!

About the Presenter:

We've been selling and executing comprehensive performance upgrades since 2014, and we've developed a repeatable system for HVAC contractors to repeatably and profitably offer a path to performance upgrades called HVAC 2.0.

Program Level: Intermediate

Program Interests: Design & Construction, Health, Building Design & Construction, Occupant Health/Medical Issues, Energy Efficiency, High Performance Buildings, Facility Operations & Management, Investigations, Testing & Research, Cleaning & Remediation