Session Number: PR-15

Creating Energy plus Health Collaborations

Laura Capps, BPI HHE, CEM

Efficiency Vermont, Winooski, Vermont

About this program:

Efficiency Vermont is leveraging medical and energy industry shifts to forge new collaborations with health care providers, contractors and social service organizations in delivering energy-plus-health program services. Energy-plus-health programs have the potential to support energy efficiency utilities and health care providers in meeting their aggressive goals while providing safer housing and reducing the energy burden for customers today and for the generations to come. This session will share lessons learned in developing cross-sector partnerships, designing and delivering energy-plus-health programs and tracking program outcomes with an eye towards sustainable program funding in the future.   


The following questions will be answered based on field-tested pilot programs:


1. How might health care support, and benefit from, energy efficiency programs?


2. Who within the health care sector can be tapped to begin energy-plus-health partnership discussions? 


3. What program energy-plus-health program designs are demonstrating positive results today?


4. What metrics is the health care sector interested in tracking from the energy efficiency sector and how can a program obtain and report that information?

About the Presenter:

Laura facilitates the identification and qualification of new disruptive technologies and services for Efficiency Vermont's future programs. Her current projects include healthy homes, healthy buildings, and managing the research and development portfolio. Most recently, Laura wrote Vermont's Healthy Homes Playbook and co-wrote the Energy-Plus-Health national playbook. Laura holds degrees in sustainable development and building construction from Appalachian State and Georgia Tech respectively, and numerous industry certifications and awards.

Program Level: Basic

Content Area(s): Occupant Health/Medical Issues, Energy Efficiency, Investigations, Testing & Research