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Humidity Control in Commercial Buildings

Steve Caulfield - PE, CIH

President - Turner Building Science & Design

Harrison, Maine

About this program:

Four case studies will be presented to highlight humidity issues in different types of commercial buildings. The session will go over the causes for the elevated humidity in each building and then discuss potential solutions to the problems presented. The buildings presented will include special cases and "normal" buildings. The building construction details will be highlighted as they pertain to condensation potential and insulation value. We will go over some brief calculations of evaporation rate from water surfaces and temperature/moisture distribution in wall assemblies.

Attendees will learn:


1. Some of the causes of elevated humidity in buildings.


2. Consequences of humidity in buildings (condensation, mold growth) will be detailed.


3. Different scenarios to solve indoor humidity issues.


4. Calculation procedures to identify when indoor humidity is likely to be a problem.



About the Presenter:

Steven M. Caulfield is a registered Professional Engineer (mechanical) and a Certified Industrial Hygienist.  Mr. Caulfield has focused on indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, and engineering design for more than 30 years. He is a past president and current Board Member of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council. Steve is currently President of Turner Building Science & Design in Harrison, Maine.

Program Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Content Area(s): Building Design & Construction (including Green), Occupant Health/Medical Issues, Energy Efficiency, Facility Operations & Management, Investigations, Testing & Research, Cleaning & Remediation

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