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Session 1002

November 1, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Rhode Island Room (Lobby Level)

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Energy Grid of the Future

Fortunat Mueller

P.E., Company Co-Founder

ReVision Energy - South Portland, ME

Session Description 


During this presentation, ReVision Energy co-founder Fortunat Mueller will discuss the findings of the “Grid of the Future” pilot program, funded by an Efficiency Maine grant and carried out by ReVision Energy. During this program, a limited number of homeowners received a discount on qualifying smart appliances (heat pumps, water heaters, smart EV chargers, and batteries), in exchange for the ability to connect those appliances to a “Virtual Peaker” plant. A traditional peaking power plant is used to meet grid load at times of high (peak) demand. Typically these are the dirtiest, least efficient, and – consequently – most expensive power plants. Virtual Peaker uses demand reduction to act like a peaking power plant, but without the physical infrastructure cost. In the event of a sudden spike on the electric grid, for example, it may be easier (and cheaper) to modify the behavior of smart devices than to fire up a gigantic oil-powered power plant. Kentucky-based company Virtual Peakers provided the software platform for the effort; grid-interactive devices were installed during the pilot and tested extensively for their ability to function as a smart resource for the grid. This program attempted to demonstrate how remote or automated management of these appliances can lower costs and help to improve the reliability of the grid. We hope to show how homeowners, businesses, and communities can work together with smart technology to reduce costs and pollution for everybody. 

This presentation will discuss the results of the pilot program and its implications for the future of energy. Participants can expect to learn about current issues with the energy grid, the future of energy, and how we can all use smart appliances and the grid to lower energy rates and demand charges, in homes and businesses.

Presentation Categories:  Energy Efficiency; High Performance Buildings; Investigations, Testing & Research


Presentation Level: Basic, Intermediate

About Fortunat Mueller:


Fortunat Mueller is a partner and co founder of ReVision Energy, Maine’s largest full service renewable energy installation contractor. ReVision Energy is dedicated to the professional design, installation and service of renewable energy systems and has offices in Liberty and Portland, Maine and Brentwood and Enfield, NH, as well as North Andover, MA, serving all of ME, NH and MA.

Fortunat received a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University with a concentration in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics and is a licensed Professional Engineer in ME and NH. Fortunat also serves on the board of directors of MABEP (Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals), NESEA, the Amicus Solar Cooperative, and is a Captain on the North Yarmouth Volunteer Fire Department.

Before joining ReVision Energy to open the Portland office in 2006, Fortunat was a project manager and senior systems engineer at United Technologies Fuel Cells in Hartford, CT.