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Session 1004

November 1, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

MA Room (Lobby Level)

Click here for session handout.

Chemical Dependence: Addiction to the Chemicals in Building Materials Has a Price

Joe Medosch

Healthy Building Scientist

Hayward Score - Cumming, GA

Session Description 


Not a literal addiction, builders are not snorting OSB, but we cannot build or live in a home that does not have an excessive amount of chemicals. Hayward Score and Hayward Lumber have created the first compressive building materials ingredients list. This list will include disclosed chemicals and what was only disclosed from laboratory testing. I will include the top 10 chemicals commonly found in newer home materials, and the studies that document known health impacts.

This session will cover existing chemical disclosure policies, red list, California’s prop 65 requirements and more. 
Of course, there is a case study where the material data sheets (SDS) were evaluated for every building material that was installed in a newly constructed home. Only the “healthiest" low chemical products were selected. After the home was completed it was tested and the results were... (you need to come to the session to see). 

This session will demonstrate why ventilation is the only treatment for chemical dependency. 
Homes are getting tighter and people are spending more time indoors with more chemicals. It's time for an intervention!


Learning objectives 
1- What chemicals are manufacturers not disclosing in their products.
2- Resources to find healthier materials. 
3- Strategies to overcome / reduce the chemicals that are inherent in newer homes.
4- The reality that it is not possible to build a new “healthy home” without designed balanced ventilation.


Presentation Categories:  Building Design & Construction; Occupant Health/Medical Issues


Presentation Level: Basic, Intermediate

About Joe Medosch:


Joe Medosch {med-osh} - Healthy Building Scientist for Hayward Score, Owner of Energy & Environmental Consulting and Founder of HHEA, Healthy Home Environment Association. His diverse background in multiple trades provides a unique understanding of “The House as System.” Joe has been evaluating homes (for better or worse) for 18+ years and has been a Comfort Consultant /Trainer for over 10+ years providing solutions on Healthy/Energy Efficient Home Performance.