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Session 604

October 31, 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

Massachusetts Room (Lobby Level)

Click here for session handout.

The Psychology of Indoor Air Quality:

The Building Didn't Call for Help, a Human Did!

Carl Grimes, HHS, CIEC

Hayward Score - Loveland, CO

Session Description 

Managing the human element is as critical a component for healthy indoor spaces as is proper investigation and remediation. Much of our understanding about building systems has changed in the past decade, and future technology may make the title of this session obsolete. Yet despite the increase in information about the human element (aka real people with real issues), little has changed in our application of that knowledge. And, to further interfere with our already substantial challenges, there is a new challenge which I refer to as the "Internet-of-Incomplete-Knowledge."


Attendees of this session will:


  • Directly experience why a disconnect between the human occupants, available technical information, and the building status occurs;

  • Learn how to better reconnect to occupants to address their concerns; and

  • Gain overview of available tools for accurately and effectively completing missing knowledge.


​​Presentation Categories:  Occupant Health/Medical Issues; Operations & Management;

Presentation Level: Intermediate

About Carl Grimes:

Carl Grimes, HHS CIEC, has consulted with building occupants who have been negatively affected by residential and commercial buildings since 1987. He is the author of Starting Points for a Healthy Habitat (1999), plus has chaired and served on multiple ANSI standards committees ranging from mold, to water damage, duct cleaning, and fire residue in forced air systems. Carl is past President of IAQA, past VP of Practice of ISIAQ (International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate), ethics committee of ISEE (International Society of Environmental Epidemiology), committee member for the AAAAI-ACAAI medical practice parameters on furry animals, rodents, cockroach, and dust mite. Plus, the Mold parameters in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Committee member on the ASHRAE Mold Position Document and currently on the ASHRAE Guideline Committee for defining building dampness. He is a frequent presenter nationally and internationally on the effects of the built environment on people. He is currently the Managing Director of Hayward Healthy Home Institute, and the Healthy Home Director of Hayward Score.