Session 802

November 1, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Rhode Island Room (Lobby Level)

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Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers, and Air Cleansing Process for Reduction of Formaldehyde and VOCs

Steve Froelicher

Analytical Chemist

Prism Analytical - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Session Description 


Indoor air quality is compromised by the presence of formaldehyde, VOCs, particulate matter, molds, and other airborne species. Sources of formaldehyde and VOCs and their health effects will be discussed. A variety of technologies exist for air purification and air cleansing. Pros and cons are discussed regarding situational uses of these devices to help improve IAQ. The attendee will acquire knowledge of what air cleaning technologies are available, what each of these types of devices are capable of accomplishing for improved indoor air quality, and what are some of the precautions that must be taken into account when using these devices.

Shock treatment using ozone is frequently used to reduce VOCs and allergens. The secondary effects of ozone treatment, such as material degradation and occupant health effects, will be discussed. Shock treatment using chlorine dioxide is also being used for certain air purification applications. Pros and cons of shock treatments will be presented. Alternative techniques and strategies to improve indoor air quality will be discussed.

Presentation Categories:  Occupant Health/Medical Issues; Cleaning & Remediation; Other


Presentation Level: Basic

About Steve Froelicher


Dr. Steve Froelicher is a Senior Scientist at Prism Analytical Technologies. Dr. Froelicher received a B.S. in Chemistry from Northern Kentucky University and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Purdue University. His thesis work involved the use of Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry to study gas phase ion-molecule reactions. Steve has worked at Prism since 2011 and his interests include understanding and correlating VOC sources, improving and developing new methods for VOC and semi-volatile (SVOC) detection, and educational awareness of VOCs for the air testing community. Dr. Froelicher has also been an Adjunct Chemistry Lecturer at local universities for the past twenty-four years.

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