Session Number 241

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Panel Debate: Should Antimicrobial Chemicals be Routinely Used in Mold Remediation Projects?

Ian Cull, CIH, PE

Indoor Sciences, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Michael A. Pinto, CSP, SMS, CMP, CFO, FLS

Wonder Makers Environmental, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Travis West, CIEC - Licensed Mold Assessment Consultant Building Air Quality, The Woodlands, Texas

About this program:

There is a wide range of opinions regarding the use of antimicrobial chemicals in mold remediation projects. Some argue that antimicrobials should rarely, if ever, be used. They state that mold should be physically removed without antimicrobials, which can create their own indoor air quality problems. Others argue that antimicrobials are an integral part of routine remediation projects. They state that these chemicals can provide an extra factor of safety, especially when physical removal is challenging.

In this panel, there will be an industry expert defending each side of the debate. The experts will be allowed time for rebuttals. The debate will be moderated and the audience will be encouraged to participate. The goal is to help attendees better formulate their stance on the use of antimicrobial chemicals on mold remediation projects.

About the Presenter(s):

Ian Cull, PE, CIH is the President of Indoor Sciences, an indoor air quality training and consulting company based in Chicago, IL.  Mr. Cull is a past board member and Vice President of the Indoor Air Quality Association. He has taught thousands of professionals through the years as a training provider of the IAQA.  Mr. Cull is the author of 50 IAQA University Courses and the AIHA's CIH Crash Course. He has served as an expert witness on federal cases related to indoor air quality and has been invited to present at NASA. Ian Cull has a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois and first started in the field of indoor air quality in 1995.

Michael A. Pinto, CSP, CMP, is Chief Executive Officer of Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc., a manufacturing and environmental consulting firm that specializes in identification and control of asbestos, lead, IAQ, mold, industrial hygiene, and chemical problems. Mr. Pinto is the author of over 200 published articles and several books including, Fungal Contamination: A Comprehensive Guide for Remediation. He completed doctoral course work in environmental engineering and holds numerous certifications in the environmental and safety areas including Certified Safety Professional and Certified Mold Professional.

Travis West’s company, Building Air Quality, is a Texas based consulting firm in business to identify and eliminate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems in commercial buildings. The scope of their service ranges from Proactive indoor air quality investigations designed to identify IAQ problems before they occur, to reactive situations in which they attempt to identify and solve indoor air quality problems which are occurring. His experience in addressing IAQ extends from 1989 through to the present. His work has focused on commercial buildings (90%), educational facilities (5%) and residential buildings (5%).

Program Level: Intermediate

Content Area(s): Cleaning & Remediation