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About Us

Efficiency Maine Trust is the independent administrator for programs to improve the efficiency of energy use and reduce greenhouse gases in Maine. The Trust does this primarily by delivering financial incentives on the purchase of high-efficiency equipment or changes to operations that help customers save electricity, natural gas and other fuels throughout the Maine economy. The Trust is a quasi-state agency governed by a Board of Trustees with oversight from the Maine Public Utilities Commission.



What We Offer

For 10 years now, Efficiency Maine has administered a suite of programs to serve every customer group, business sector, and community in the state. Its programs offer financial incentives for qualifying high-efficiency products, like LED lights, heat pumps, attic insulation, clothes washers, boilers, air compressors, ventilation systems, combined heat and power, and Variable Refrigerant Flow solutions. Efficiency Maine also offers grants to support the growing network of electric vehicle charging stations across the state and rebates for electric vehicles that will define the future of transportation. Efficiency Maine’s Commercial & Industrial Prescriptive (CIP) Program offers fixed incentives to reduce the cost of projects and to improve energy efficiency for businesses, municipalities, schools and higher education facilities, manufacturing and other industrial facilities, other non-residential facilities, and multifamily and condominium buildings with five or more units. We have designated our Qualified Partners from among the state’s most experienced vendors, contractors, suppliers and energy professionals that install energy efficiency equipment. They have installed thousands of energy efficiency projects that have qualified for cash incentives. Looking for an energy expert for help? Find a Qualified Partner with our search tool.

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If you're already an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner (QP), or would like to become one, contact the Commercial & Industrial Prescriptive (CIP) Program Delivery Team.

(207) 213-6247


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Efficiency Maine

168 Capitol Street Suite 1 Augusta, Maine 04330-6856


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