Session Number: PR-14

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IAQ Tests for Buildings Insulated with SPF:  What the Tests Don't Tell You

Henri Fennell

H.C. Fennell Consulting, North Thetford, Vermont

Jeff May, M.A., CIAQP, CMC

May Indoor Air Investigations LLC, Tyngsborough, Massachusetts

About this program:

During this program we’re going to talk about the limitations I have experienced when having IAQ testing done in an effort to determine potential health hazards from misapplied foam. We will discuss how useful the IAQ testing profession can be in supporting this important diagnostic tool, and how the chemical manufactures and other industry members can contribute.  Attendees will learn: what the new standard IAQ tests don’t tell us about the hazards misapplied SPF can pose; what to ask the IAQ professional to include in their tests; what to ask the IAQ professional when the test results come in; and how to determine causation using testing.

About the Presenter:

Henri Fennell is a building envelope specialist and architect with over thirty-five years of experience in energy conservation design, products, and services.  Early in his career, he was a manufacturer of structural insulated panels, and became a pioneer in the solar industry, developing a parabolic solar collector panelized building system in 1975.  A demonstration project utilizing this system proved to be net-zero except for lighting in 1977. Later, his working experience included positions as a building envelope contractor, a practicing architect, and a building envelope remediation and commissioning consultant.  He has a broad understanding of theoretical and applied building science as related to building envelope performance and failures, and has been involved in the design and construction of what is now called micro-load buildings since the early 1980s, including a cutting-edge net-zero energy research structure in Antarctica.   Mr. Fennell's contracting work has included thousands of remediation, building failure, and historic renovation projects, including major projects like the Guggenheim Museum and numerous other high profile and historic buildings. His projects have included the processing and installation of millions of pounds of foam. Mr. Fennell has authored or co-authored four energy-related U.S. patents and participated in the development of ASTM standards and other industry protocols.   He has been an energy educator since 1975, making presentations and providing training to a broad range of industry audiences.  He has contributed to ASHRAE Journal and other national publications and is often cited in articles related to energy conservation, materials technology, and building performance.

HC Fennell Consulting – North Thetford, VT

Jeff May, Principal Scientist of May Indoor Air Investigations LLC in Tyngsborough, MA, has been investigating residential IAQ problems for over 25 years and has collected and examined by microscopy over 40,000 air and dust samples. He is author or co-author of 4 books on IAQ, published by Johns Hopkins University Press: “My House is Killing Me!” (2nd edition due in Fall 2020); “My Office is Killing Me!”; “The Mold Survival Guide”; and “Jeff May’s Healthy Home Tips.” 

A former adjunct professor at the Department of Work Environment at U MA Lowell, Jeff is a Certified Microbial Consultant (CMC, through ACAC), a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional (CIAQP,  through AEE), and is licensed as a mold assessor/inspector in NH and in FL.  He has given many presentations on IAQ and mold at IAQA and MIAQC conferences and holds a B.A. from Columbia University (chemistry) and an M.A. from Harvard (organic chemistry).

Program Level: Intermediate

Content Area(s): Occupant Health/Medical Issues, Facility Operations & Management, Investigations, Testing & Research