Session Number: PR-08

Radon Guide for Health Care Providers

Public Health Bill Field, PhD, MS
University of Iowa College of Public Health

About this program:

This webinar provides an overview of a new radon guide for health care providers.  It covers the scope and content of the new radon guide; common health care providers’ misperceptions about radon; educational resources on radon for health care providers; sample radon guidance for use in health care settings; and examples of interventions health care providers can facilitate to reduce the burden of radon-related lung cancer.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Bill Field is a Professor at the University of Iowa's College of Public Health with appointments in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health and Department of Epidemiology.  He also serves as a Professor of Toxicology and Director of the NIOSH funded Occupational Epidemiology Training Program at the University of Iowa.   Dr. Field is an international expert on the health effects of radon. He has actively been involved in radon research for over 20 year.  He was the lead author of the comprehensive Iowa Radon Lung Cancer Epidemiologic Study and has been actively involved in both the North American and global radon epidemiologic pooling efforts. Dr. Field served as a member of the U.S. EPA's Science Advisory Board from 2011 to 2017 and chaired the Board’s Radiation Advisory Committee in 2014.  He also served as the U.S. Science Representative to the World Health Organization’s International Radon Project, as one of the 3 final reviewers for CDC’s Toxicological Profile for Radon, and on several National Academy of Sciences committees.  In 2009, he was appointed by President Obama to serve on the Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health.

Program Level: Basic

Content Area(s): Occupant Health/Medical Issues