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Fujitsu General America, Inc. creates high-quality and environmentally-friendly products that provide a comfortable environment by using its continually improving air conditioning technology, innovation and creativity, which we started over 35 years ago. Based on our long-term air conditioning technology know-how, Fujitsu's VRF Airstage Series was first developed and introduced 18 years ago. Since then, the Airstage series has been serving the market's HVAC needs in applications ranging from large residential to commercial in addition to a large variety of other installations. Fujitsu features an expert team of Regional Sales Managers and Sales Engineers located around North America to provide customer support. Additionally, blended Rep Agencies support Plan and Spec Consulting Engineers, as well as wholesale distribution, to provide product knowledge and support. We pride ourselves in having one of the most educated and qualified teams in the HVAC industry. Fujitsu General America, Inc. is based out of Pine Brook, NJ where the Fujitsu support experience is top notch and our highly trained technicians are equipped with the tools and resources to answer any question that may come your way. Fujitsu offers remote technical support, as well as local field support when needed.



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Fujitsu General America, Inc. has partnered with Ventacity Systems to provide the first VRF - ERV/HRV solution that is powered by the Ventacity HVAC2 Smarter Building Platform. The Airstage VRF system provides a superior level of comfort with very high efficiency at part-load conditions. The Ventacity HVAC2 Smarter Building Platform can measure key indoor air quality parameters and outdoor parameters. It then regulates the amount of fresh air and its temperature that is being supplied to the building. The Ventacity ERV/HRV system, with its 85%-93% sensible recovery efficiency, minimizes the amount of energy required to condition the fresh air. This translates to huge energy savings for the building owner. Approximately 42% of a building’s energy usage is consumed by the HVAC system. The fresh air treatment requirement can be 25% or more of the total HVAC designed capacity depending on building usage type. Most HVAC designs combine heating, cooling and ventilation into one system, resulting in uncomfortable, unhealthy spaces, and much higher energy costs. Fujitsu Airstage VRF systems provide an efficient heating and cooling solution that matches the actual building load requirement at all times.

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