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Under the Hood: The Working Parts of Indoor airPLUS-Existing Homes

Aaron Johnson - Indoor airPLUS-Existing Homes

US EPA, Washington, DC

About this program:

Indoor airPLUS builder and rater partners have labeled tens of thousands of new Indoor airPLUS homes over the last decade, but the program has grown most in the last 3-4 years as indoor air quality (IAQ) has become an increasing concern for Americans. With Version 2, the program intends to create specifications that will open up a pathway for certification and IAQ improvements in the millions of existing homes that desperately need the attention of home performance contractors and building science experts. EPA recognizes this as a challenging, but important step for the program. It’s a challenge to just determine what qualifies as an eligible, “existing” home! Further, the design and materials that go into a new home can be prescribed and implemented “from the ground up”- which simply can’t be done for an existing home.


The EPA is carefully assembling the requirements for Indoor airPLUS-Existing Homes (IAP-X).  The proposed certification model is similar to the structure of Indoor airPLUS-New Construction, but every step must:


• Be achievable for an existing home;


• Result in cost effective improvements or protections of the home’s indoor air quality;


• Based on best practices in building science.

Sometimes the requirement in the certification checklist needs more explanation than a sentence or a bullet or two. This session will introduce the proposed program requirements, defining what will likely be required of an evaluator, contractor, and/or homeowner participating in the process to earn the IAP-X label.



About the Presenter:

Aaron Johnson works with the Indoor airPLUS team in the Indoor Environments Division at EPA, focusing on technical support, quality assurance, industry outreach, and improving building codes. He is also currently leading development for new opportunities to label existing homes with Indoor airPLUS. Before joining EPA in 2017, Aaron worked as a home energy rater and quality assurance designee, consulting with home builders and homeowners on improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency in both new and existing homes. He has many years of experience presenting at conferences and training IAQ and energy efficiency professionals.

Program Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Content Areas: Building Design & Construction (including Green), Occupant Health/Medical Issues, High Performance Buildings

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