Learning Stations

See first hand how to do IAQ.  Visit the various learning stations, each demonstrating core indoor air quality concepts.  Advance sign up required for the guided HVAC system walkthroughs.

Guided Systems Walkthrough

Take a moderated, behind-the-scenes tour of the accessible mechanical systems at the Augusta Civic Center, and see HVAC components that are common in many of our commercial and educational facilities in Maine.  You'll see what major components of a complex system look like, and learn to make observations relating to routine service and maintenance.   Stops on the tour include: a new energy efficient natural gas boiler plant, small air handling systems with components for heating, cooling, introducing fresh air, return air, and filtration. Plus, you'll visit the new solar wall that preheats the fresh air being provided to the large Auditorium space.   This tour is perfect for those with limited knowledge of HVAC systems and components.

Advance sign up for the HVAC tour is required. Use program registration form.

CO2 and Ventilation

You can's see ventilation, but you can measure CO2 to assess ventilation in an indoor space.  Stop by this learning station and see real time CO2 measurements and how they are fluctuating throughout the day as occupancy and other factors change.  Borrow a CO2 monitor, and take and record your own measurements to supplement the data. 

Particles & Filtration

This learning station will show you in real time the benefit of  various types of air cleaners (portable HEPA, Corsi-Rosenthal Box, and fan filter) to reduce airborne particulate matter.  You'll be able to particle counts in real time going in and out of the units, and evaluate the efficacy of the various units to filter the air.  Additional information provided on the impact common activities, such as cooking and cleaning, can have on the quality of the indoor environment, with recommendations on how to manage them.


Description pending.

How Well Does Your
Mask Work?

Stop by this learning station and explore how effective your mask is at filtering out COVID-19 virus particles.