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The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council is an interdisciplinary, non-profit, non-partisan collaborative of professionals.  The Council is committed to creating healthy, productive, and environmentally-sustainable indoor spaces where you can live, work, play, and learn. From development of practical strategies to design, build, operate, inspect, and repair buildings--to communications, education, and policy--the Council is dedicated to making your indoors, a better indoors. Because after all, buildings are for people.

The Council’s History

The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council was formed in the wake of the ice storm of 1998, after dozens of Maine citizens perished from carbon monoxide poisoning from poor ventilation of heating and cooking devices and generators.   Since its inception, the Council has worked to develop and disseminate well-researched and reviewed technical guidance, and communicate this guidance to both professionals and general public.  The Council is active in the local, regional, and national policy arena, advocating for strategies that support healthy, energy-efficient built environments.  The Council also raises funds to pay for radon mitigations in low-income Maine homes.  Although the fund is small and only a few homes are mitigated each year, the council is committed to preventing lung cancer, even if its just one house at a time. 

The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council has been the recipient of numerous federal grants and contracts, from pilot testing guidance to its most recent initiative to address mold and moisture problems in Maine rental properties.

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Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
PO Box 2438

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