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Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - 11am-Noon

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Creating a Mass Market for Net Zero Homes

Jasper van den Munckhof, Director

Energie Sprong - Netherlands

About this program:

Energiesprong is a revolutionary, whole house refurbishment, new built standard, and funding approach. It has a proven track record to be able to create and scale a self-sustaining market for net zero retrofits. The presentation will give an overview of the results and the transformation needed to get to a market for net zero retrofits. It will look into the future and show a pathway why net zero energy retrofits will become the option of choice in the near future because scale changes everything!


About the Presenter:

Jasper has been one of the key people in setting up Energiesprong from the very beginning and has been the Director of the program since 2012. Energiesprong has been recognised as one of the best energy transition approaches for the build environment in Europe and is seen as a best practice world wide. Jasper has been overseeing all the activities of the Energiesprong team in the Dutch market, which include programs on social housing, private houses, office buildings, care centres and schools. As of 2013, he also oversaw the international expansion of the Energiesprong approach into France, UK, Germany and New York State. This has resulted in the first net zero retrofit projects in France and the UK and the deployment of market development teams in all these countries to scale the market in social housing. He also has been key in setting up Stroomversnelling and has been leading this initiative in 2015 and 2016. 


Currently he is one of the directors of Factory Zero A start-up he set up en got funded in 2016 to provide net zero retrofits in a truly industrial manner. He also continues his efforts to scale net zero retrofits into a truly international market. Jasper set up a new non for profit in 2016 to further the international expansion in Europe and North America and acts as it’s director.


Jasper holds an engineering degree (MSc) in physics and a master degree in Sociology (MA). He has held senior management positions in the energy and telecom sector.

Program Level: Basic - Intermediate

Content Area(s): Building Design & Construction (including Green), Energy EfficiencyHigh Performance Buildings, Facility Operations & Management