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High Performance Home Programs At IAQ & Energy 2020

BAD ASS HVAC - One simple system for nearly perfect comfort and IAQ – Nate Adams

Pass the IAQ, please: Engaging Vermonters at home – Phoebe Howe

Thinking Through Water, Air, and Energy Issues in Historic Structures – Bill Turner & Erin Gibbs

Indoor Air Quality and How Ventilation is Critical to Improving the Human Condition in the Built Environment – Nick Agopian

Indoor airPLUS Version 2: Humidification and Dehumidification: Methods and Controls – Paul Raymer

Building With Remodeling In Mind – Tedd Benson

Keynote: Creating a Mass Market for Net Zero Homes – Jasper van den Muckhof

Emerging Role of VRF Technology – Rick Meinking

IEQ and Thermal Comfort: The Next Energy Efficiency Frontier? – Brian Just

Panel Discussion: How EnergieSprong Partnership is Leveraging Net Zero Homes in New York's Pilot Study

The Pretty Good House - the non-rating system you never knew you needed! – Dan Kolbert

Forget Your 4 Ps and Your Building May Suffer from Disease! – Mike McGuinness

Energy & Healthy Home Assessments at the Same Time! It Is Possible! – Joe Medosch

Learn about ALL the programs at IAQ & Energy 2020

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