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Learning Stations

See first hand how to do IAQ.  Visit the various learning stations, each demonstrating core indoor air quality concepts. 

IAQ Sensors in Action

Check out various IAQ sensors available on the market today.  Experiment with how different devices detect a broad variety of indoor pollutants, from particles, to VOCs and more.

CO2 and Ventilation

You can's see ventilation, but you can measure CO2 to assess ventilation in an indoor space.  Stop by this learning station and see real time CO2 measurements and how they are fluctuating throughout the day as occupancy and other factors change.  Borrow a CO2 monitor, and take and record your own measurements to supplement the data. 

Building Science Lab

Stop by this learning station to chat with Maine's own mad scientist, Bill Turner, and see building science in action.  Demonstrations of stack effect, convection, conduction, radiation, dew point, wicking, and more.

Mold & Dampness Assessment Tool

Dampness and Mold Assessment Tool

NIOSH’s “Dampness and Mold Assessment Tool for General Buildings” aids professionals in providing consistent assessments of damp areas. Learn about the components of the tool, how to use it, and quiz yourself on real-world examples to see how you would score during residential assessments.

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