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Retrotec is the world's leading manufacturer of blower doors, duct testers, digital manometers, and air leakage testing software. Our equipment is trusted around the world by demanding professionals to conduct residential energy audits, large building air leakage measurements, duct leakage tests, and clean agent integrity tests. Retrotec’s line of air tightness testing tools test a wide range of enclosures from super leaky to super tight. All Retrotec fans are made with extremely durable space-age hard plastic, which makes them both lightweight and tough. We’re committed to pushing the industry forward with new industry innovations while simultaneously standardizing ease of use. Visit to learn more.



What We Offer

Some of the products we offer include:


Model 5100 Blower Door Our Most Popular Blower Door System for Residential & Small Commercial. Complete with a gauge, fan, 6 ranges, connectors, & software. Fully automatic and manual operation.

Model 300x DucTester Includes even more improvements from the former Model 340. Mount your DM32 WiFi Gauge directly onto the shell for easy accessibility. A new foot design allows for a secure, sturdy base. Maneuver this incredibly light DucTester for numerous applications. Test the leakiest to the tightest duct system.

SmartCloth™ Wind Dampening Blower Door Cloth Retrotec’s SmartCloth™ is an industry breakthrough. It is an upgrade to Retrotec's regular door cloth, with built-in bias pressure tubing to act as a wind dampening tool. This provides advantages over the traditional methods of placing the reference tube outside on the ground.

The Retrotec FlowBox Exhaust Fan Flow Meter & Pressure Pan The FlowBox is a passive exhaust fan flow meter that utilizes the DM32 manometer to measure exhaust only flows. This tool is perfect for measuring flow for bath fans, kitchen exhaust, room returns and whole-house ventilation. In addition, you can use the FlowBox as a pressure pan by simply using all blank range plugs.


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