Session Number: PR-11

IAQ Practitioner's Role During a Pandemic

Donald  Weekes, MPH, CIH

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

About this program:

The presentation will focus on the role that an IAQ Practitioner can undertake to provide expert advice to building owners, maintenance and operations personnel, building occupants, and the public. This expertise includes: defining the risk level in a facility; working with the building manager to determine the best approach for controls; determining the level of personal protective equipment (PPE), including respirators, needed by the building staff and the occupants; providing risk communication to the staff and the building occupants; training the building staff in the proper use of PPE; and coordinating with the public health officials if an outbreak takes place.

This presentation will utilize the AIHA Guideline 7-2006, ‘The Role of an Industrial Hygienist in a Pandemic’ as a starting point. This document is in the process of being updated. 


About the Presenter:

Mr. Weekes has over forty-four (44) years of comprehensive consultation expertise and project experience in the implementation and management of inspections for hazardous materials in numerous buildings throughout Canada and the United States including universities, colleges, governmental offices, and commercial and residential buildings. During the course of Mr. Weekes’ career, he has served in numerous senior management positions in both the consulting and insurance industries. He has provided consultation services, including health and safety audits and environmental air sampling, to a wide variety of facilities in the utility, chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. He has also worked with numerous governmental entities at local, state, provincial, and federal levels.


As a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Mr. Weekes has served as an environmental health and safety professional for various international corporations. He has worked as a consultant for firms in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Finland, and Switzerland. His extensive capabilities in health and safety audits have enabled him to work in facilities involved with manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.


Mr. Weekes was a Consultant to InAIR Environmental Ltd. (InAIR) in Ottawa, ON, Canada. InAIR is an occupational and environmental health and safety consultancy with a focus on indoor air quality issues in buildings. Mr. Weekes provides technical guidance on all of the technical aspects of projects involving occupational health and safety assessments, indoor air quality, asbestos, LEED IEQ credit certification, lead paint, mould, and drinking water sampling.

Program Level: Basic

Content Area(s): Occupant Health/Medical Issues