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Jackson Controls and XL Automation, over many years have formed a unique partnership, delivering healthy, safe and efficient building environments to Northern New England. With over a 50 year history, Jackson Control (, is a national distributor of world class building automation, security, card access and IAQ products. Bangor, Maine’s XL Automation & Energy Management ( with over 85 years of experience in the building automation industry, bring these products together to provide building automation solutions that fit the different needs of their customers. Our industry leading experience combined with our award winning skillsets and commitment to stay on the leading edge of Building Management System technology has made us the “go-to” company for engineering firms, contractors, and knowledgeable customers to help them navigate the BMS world and answer questions regarding Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) solutions, system best practices and AHSRAE building automation standards. Safely reopening buildings and providing healthy environments in an efficient manner is the challenge we all face for the foreseeable future. Today we are proud to identify and address these challenges, offer practical solutions and an easy to follow strategy.



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Challenge Earning tenant and occupant trust by providing a healthy, secure, and efficient environment. This outcome requires bringing disparate building systems together operationally, in a sustainable and demonstrable manner, protecting its occupants and minimalizing liability exposure. Solution A Single Pane of Glass (SPOG). SPOG offers a single, comprehensive view of building systems (HVAC, Access, Security, Lighting). These, now interoperable systems are repurposed to achieve the desired ends of a healthy, secure, and efficient building environment. Best practices are maintained, and critical data is visible and archived. Strategy Repurposing available HVAC and security systems & products, within a “SPOG”, offers the best opportunity to mitigate the risk of spreading viral infection within an enclosed building.


Deploy the Jackson 5D Strategy!


  • Prevent infected persons from entering the facility

  • Maintain and regulate proper occupancy levels

  • Maintain and regulate proper Relative Humidity levels for Immune defense efficiency


  • Maintain and regulate proper ventilation levels based on occupancy

  • Purge before and after building occupancy


  • Properly deploy UV and Ionization strategies

  • Complementary, not competitively

  • Monitor cleaning activities


  • Offer visual evidence that the health and safety of all occupants is of the highest priority


  • Archive data which indicates all reasonable health and safety measures are taken and maintained.


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