Themes for 2021

COVID-19 fundamentally affected both professionals and the public and will for years to come. Never have there been more eyes on what we do. The 2021 IAQ & Energy Conference dedicates a significant portion of its agenda to educate and reeducate professionals on the essential concepts for creating a healthy, environmentally-sustainable indoor environment. 

The program includes:

  1. EPA Building Air Quality Guide. A two-day track of programming based on the foundational EPA document detailing how large building owners and managers can both prevent IAQ problems in their buildings, and fix problems when they occur. Attention to airborne illness in large buildings will also be presented.

  2. Home Air Quality: Comprehensive. A two-day track of programming on proper design, construction, and renovation of homes for both indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

  3. Energy Codes. A two-day track of programming on best practices associated with energy codes, and how energy-efficient structures facilitate great indoor air quality.

  4. Indoor Air Quality. Discussions of common pollutants found indoors and how to address them.

  5. Hot topics. The most current, most important, most critical areas of interest to professionals

COVID-19 Contingency Plans

At IAQ & Energy 2021, your safety comes first.  In the event that Maine experiences another surge of infections and/or emergency orders reduce or prohibit indoor gatherings, we have made contingency plans to shift the conference to a fully virtual event.