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Reducing the Risk of COVID-19 at IAQ & Energy Events

As an organization dedicated to creating healthy indoor environments, we care deeply about COVID risk reduction at our IAQ & Energy Events.  We will use a "layered risk reduction" approach to managing our space at the event, relying on several protocols that taken as a whole, will provide greater risk reduction than individual measures taken alone.

Specific Protocols for December 2022 and Spring 2023 may include one or more of the following strategies:


Attendees may be asked to wear a mask: nose and mouth covered throughout the event except when eating and drinking.

Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test Required

Attendees may need to show:


1) Proof of full vaccination for COVID-19.  (This should be uploaded to our system upon event registration.)


2) Proof of a negative COVID test within 24 hours of event start, with no high risk contact/exposure in between.  Be prepared to show dated proof prior to event entry.

Attendance Limits Based on Ventilation Capacity


Following ASHRAE guidance and calculations of the ventilation system's capacity, attendance at these events may be limited to 150 or less.  Early registration is recommended. 

Increased Filtration

In addition to the high quality filtration components within the HVAC system, portable air cleaning devices may be present and running throughout the event.

Physical Distancing and Hand Cleaning

The event may feature altered room layouts, traffic patterns, and hand cleaning stations.

Contactless Registration and Credit Check-in

We may require advance, on-line registration to attend an event. 

Bring your phone or other hand-held device to the event to scan QR codes to access on-line continuing education credit sign-in and other information throughout the event.

COVID-19 Contingency Plans

Your safety comes first.  In the event that we are unable to proceed with a live, in-person event, we have made contingency plans to shift the Symposium to a fully virtual event.

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