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Session 2C - Rhode Island Room

October 30, 2023 @ 10:00-11:00am
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Multi-Family Performance Data

Todd Rothstein, Director of Construction Services, CPHC, Avesta Housing, Portland, ME

About this program:

Ten years ago the approach to energy efficiency focused on mechanical controls to minimize the use of fossil fuel consumption. Digital thermostats that could be programmed to start and stop at optimal moments. Elaborate controls able to over ride or coordinate multiple devices, again, to provide optimization. Although these devices are important in the right setting, today's session will show how the emergence of the building envelop as a science, can influence a buildings performance outcome. This presentation will take you through one person's journey, working for one company, for one decade on the affects of building science techniques that have reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions through practical means. The presentation will be supported with data to show these outcomes.


Learning Goals:

  • Initial Introduction to emerging electrification technology: 1) HP through wall devices, 2) Electric Water Heating Devices,

  • Initial Introduction to sequestration: 1) Wood Fiber Insulation, 2) CLT construction

  • Improved building envelope can affect fossil fuel consumption

  • List of the various Certification programs that guide energy performance

  • LD1656 - Law that states MSHA projects in design by 2024 must be certified and electrified


About the Presenter:

Todd oversees construction services in all phases of design, budgeting, and construction management for new developments, adaptive reuse, and major rehabs within the Avesta Housing real estate development division throughout Maine and New Hampshire. He also manages a team of owner’s representatives responsible for all facets of construction. Using his extensive construction and sustainable building experience and expertise, Todd integrates sustainable materials and efficient building strategies to optimize operational efficiency and resident comfort while extending the longevity of all real estate assets.

Todd is a PHI-certified passive house consultant who also completed the Phius Certified Builders Technician Training. He is a member of Efficiency Maine’s Low-Income Advisory Group, a Sanford Housing Advisory Board Member, and former adjunct professor at Southern Maine Community College.

Program Level:



Content Area(s):

Design or Construction

Operations & Maintenance

Building Science

High Performance/Energy Efficiency

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