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Session 6A - New Hampshire Room

October 30, 2023 @ 4:00-5:00pm
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Measure AND Manage IAQ/IEQ In Your Building

Barry Stephens, Sales Manager, Ventacity Systems, Scarborough, ME

About this program:

With the focus squarely on defining the problem(s) related to IAQ/IEQ in buildings, the actual solutions have been hard to define, implement and verify. With emerging technology that allows for both monitoring of IAQ and managing IAQ when things go sideways, there are many benefits to be realized. First, gain insight with better data which will allow for trends to be identified, issues to be exposed, and solutions to be developed. Second, provide solution(s) that will allow for remediation and/or solutions to be cost effective utilizing energy efficiency, advanced controls and a continuous feedback loop.

This session will explore technology and solutions that have been implemented in a range of applications, from schools to offices to restaurants and beyond. Attendees will gain valuable insight in to how solutions were implemented with a focus on results that provide an actual ROI for building owners and tenants while achieving popular goals such as electrification/decarbonization, significant energy reductions, improved IAQ and health, and improved comfort.

Building owners, managers and tenants will understand significant opportunities that exist to upgrade their buildings and spaces while improving their bottom lines and meeting their ESG goals. Engineers and contractors will understand a model that can be implemented to achieve all of these goals and provide their clients with outstanding results.

Learning Goals:

Attendees will learn and understand the need for better IAQ/IAQ and energy efficiency.

Attendees will learn about and understand new technology to monitor metrics that matter in buildings.

Attendees will learn how connecting monitoring to management will allow them to achieve a broad range of goals for their buildings and their occupants.

Attendees will learn about the HVAC model that allows them to meet energy and IAQ goals while saving money.

Attendees will learn how the VHE HVAC model can help them meet their ESG goals.

About the Presenter:

Barry Stephens is the Northeast Region Sales Manager for Ventacity Systems, Inc. He joined Ventacity, a startup manufacturer of very high performance, Passive House certifed HRVs and ERVs, as well as advanced control systems, in March 2016. Prior to joining Ventacity he spent 15 years at Zehnder America, Inc as the National Sales & Marketing Manager, and later as Business Development & Technology Director. He led the introduction of Zehnder systems in North America, and has been involved with projects across the continent. These include Solar Decathlon teams, NZE homes, Passive House projects, and other very high performance buildings. He has presented at conferences across North America since 2010.

Program Level:


Content Area(s):


Operations & Maintenance

High Performance/Energy Efficiency

Occupant Health/Medical Issues

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