Session Number 332

Thursday, October 29, 2020

2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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The Pretty Good House -

the Non-Rating System You Never Knew You Needed!

Dan Kolbert - Building Contractor

Kolbert Building, Portland, Maine

Steve Konstantino - Founder & Owner

Performance Building Supply, Portland, Maine

About this program:

The Pretty Good House developed out of a decade-old building science discussion group. It quickly developed a life of its own and is discussed nation-wide. It seeks to answer some basic questions in a non-prescriptive way: how do insure, in design and construction, that your homes are energy efficient, provide good IAQ, are environmentally responsible, and will last as long, with as little maintenance, as possible.


The first 60-minute session would discuss the history of the idea, how it started and developed, how it has been adapted from its start in a cold climate to versions in other climate zones, the development of specific tools, and why we think it is a valuable resource.


The second 60-minute session would discuss the "hows" of PGH - what are the steps to follow design to insure that the right questions are asked and answered? What details are critical in construction to insure comfort, IAQ, and durability? 


Specific issues and learning goals:


-What is the decision-making process in Pretty Good House (PGH)?


-How does PGH insure energy efficiency, IAQ, occupant comfort? 


-What are good methods for balancing first costs (design and construction) with ongoing costs (mortgage, utility, upkeep)?


-How to create a process that provides maximum benefit to client, designer, and builder?

About the Presenter(s):


Dan Kolbert has worked as a carpenter and contractor in Portland, ME for 3 decades, focusing on energy efficient and healthy new homes and renovations. He sits on the advisory committee of several Maine trade school programs at the high school and college level, has written for the Journal of Light Construction, Green Building Advisor, and Fine Homebuilding, and for the past decade has been the moderator of the Building Science Discussion Group, where the Pretty Good House idea began.

Steve Konstantino is the founder of Performance Building Supply. PBS opened in 2002 with the mission of helping builders build better by sourcing superior products and technical information to supply to construction professionals. PBS is focused primarily on high-performance European Windows & Doors, air-sealing / weather barrier tapes & membranes, and cabinetry as well as many other products from Europe and the US. 

PBS is the official e-commerce partner for SIGA tapes & membranes in the US and operates the website.


Steve’s mission is also to provide technical expertise and support for all the products they sell. He provides both design support and on-site installation training. He enjoys teaching building science principles and reviewing construction details.


Steve, along with Dan Kolbert, started the original Building Science Discussion Group in the PBS warehouse in the spring of 2009.


Program Level: Basic

Content Area(s): Building Design & Construction (including Green), Energy Efficiency, High Performance Buildings