Session Number 112

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 11am-Noon

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The State of the Occupant

Joe Medosch - Healthy Building Scientist

Hayward Score, Loveland, Colorado

About this program:

I personally believe the occupant is not included in many audits / assessments or given the significance of impacting the built environment and how it impacts the occupant. The largest most overlooked part of the home - the occupant. Very few contractors understand how to work with the occupant and their personal sensitivities as an IAQ detection device. How could they, this is not discussed or apart of any training?

This session will provide an in-depth overview of occupants in housing briefly covering the history housing and the evolution of conveniences - and the indoor environmental impacts.    


It will use numerous data collections from the HUD American Healthy Homes Survey to the 70k occupant surveys from Hayward Score, and more.


I will demonstrate that housing forms who we are and plays a significant roll in our personality, health, and economical self-worth. I will include the role of the house and how it has adapted to the needs of the occupant and how the occupant has changed housing through behaviors and basic needs. Much of what we thought about or home may have been recently altered from the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic - home as health shelter.


This comes together in a conclusion on the impact of the occupant from housing and the horrific conditions many live in from lead paint, lead water pipes, asbestos, inadequate ventilation, poor housing design - and the documented health impacts.

I will end on an upbeat note on what we (home performance / weatherization) are doing to change these conditions and change the occupant’s health and lives.

About the Presenter:

Joe Medosch {med-osh} - Healthy Building Scientist for Hayward Score, Owner of Energy & Environmental Consulting and Founder of HHEA, Healthy Home Environment Association. His diverse background in multiple trades provides a unique understanding of “The House as System.”  Joe has been evaluating homes (for better or worse) for 20+ years and has been a Comfort Consultant /Trainer for over 10+ years providing solutions on Healthy/Energy Efficient Home Performance.

His certifications / knowledge base and committees include: Healthy Homes Master Trainer, IAQ/IEQ assessments, ICC, BPI, RESNET, SMACNA, ASTM …

Program Level: Intermediate

Content Area(s): Occupant Health/Medical Issues