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Session Number: 6D

4:00 - 5:00 p.m. - Massachusetts Room
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Don't Get Spooked by Analytical Testing!

Erin Bouttenot, Laboratory Director, NEL Analytical, Westbrook, ME

About this program:

Understanding the sample analysis process helps investigators better select sampling strategies to support their hypotheses of what is happening in an indoor space. It also aids in their understanding how microorganisms (e.g., fungi, bacteria, and viruses) survive in indoor environments and how their spread can be controlled throughout a property. This presentation outlines what investigators can realistically learn from sampling an indoor environment as well as what kind of analytical methods are available.


About the Presenter:

Erin Bouttenot is the Laboratory Director at Northeast Laboratory Services in Westbrook, ME and is the past President of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council.  Using her expertise in biology, Erin focuses her efforts on bridging the gap between technical science and practical application for both homeowners and professionals.  Whereas her day-to-day work is centralized on analytical testing, Erin plays an active role in the IAQ industry for creating/updating best practice guidance dedicated to protecting public health.


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