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Session Number 5B - Connecticut Room

October 30, 2023 @2:45pm - 3:45pm

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IAQ Devices

Joe Medosch, Owner and Executive Director of HHEA, Healthy Home Environment Association, Harding, CO

About this program:

Let's have an honest discussion on IAQ and healthier homes. What are we doing to the air our clients are breathing and can we measure it?

This session will provide new clarity on IAQ consumer grade devices - "seeing the invisible or nothing at all."  What do that really measure, where should they be located and how many per occupant or size of the home? Can these “trend indicators” provide actionable benefits to the occupants and the builder? Soon these devices will be evaluated/rated from HVI like exhaust fans.

This session is intended to be a “What Every Consumer/Builder Should Know About IAQ devices and Healthier Air”. Let's eliminate the hype and myths about Indoor Air Quality and what can make a home Healthier and discuss the known "facts" based on valid third-party evidence or that which is assumed to be valid resources.

We'll review, on a high level, the installations that are being installed in air handlers - either eliminating (filtering) contaminants or adding (altering) the air. This includes UV, bipolar ionization, Hydroxyl, Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) and filters that are properly sized and measured static pressure.

You should have a basic understanding of what is installed, the occu
pants are breathing, and what can be monitored.

Learning Goals:

  • How can consumer grade devices be beneficial in new homes

  • How to make sure the filter is the right size and “type”

  • The difference in Eliminating vs. Additive in indoor air

  • Where to go for defensible information on IAQ “systems”

  • Can integrated ventilation strategies improve IAQ

About the Presenter:

Joe Medosch {med-osh} - Client Success Manager at measureQuick, Owner of Energy & Environmental Consulting.  He is an industry Master Trainer, national presenter.  His diverse background in multiple trades provides a unique understanding of “The House and Occupant as a System.”  Joe has been evaluating homes for 20+ years and has been a Comfort Consultant /Trainer for over 15+ years providing solutions on Healthy/Energy Efficient Home Performance.


Certifications / knowledge base and committees include: Healthy Air Research and Certification Authority (HARCA) Board Member, ACCA, IAQ/IEQ assessments, ICC, BPI, RESNET, SMACNA, ASTM

Program Level:


Content Area(s):

Indoor Air Quality


Devices to measure

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