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Session 3 Keynote - New Hampshire Room

October 30, 2023 @ 11:30am-12:15pm

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Who holds the keys to Good IAQ and a Healthier Home? What doors are open or locked? Who are the Key Makers? 

Joe Medosch, Owner and Executive Director of HHEA, Healthy Home Environment Association, Harding, CO

About this program:

This session will cover the key elements to best IAQ practices and a healthier home. Who holds the keys, is it the designer, builder, sub-contractors, HVAC contractors, Rater/Advisors, Code officials, product manufacturers, and/or the occupants. No surprise here, it's a combination. Let's pick the locks and discuss the various roles each key holder has in creating common failures (unhealthy conditions) and current successes that open the doors to a healthier home.  

If a healthier home is as simple as turning a key, why are so few occupants asking for their home to be healthier? Maybe semantics with comfort or … we’ll discuss consumer indifferences. Why are so few doors, opportunities, open and others require special keys to enter.
The door is open, join us.


Learning Goals:

  • List the top key holders to a healthier home.

  • How does energy savings impact IAQ?

  • Name two key makers that are making a positive impact on homes!

  • Explain why the healthiest home can become a health risk by the occupant's actions.

  • Name the greatest potential health risk to occupants and what are the sources and solutions.


About the Presenter:

Joe Medosch {med-osh} - Client Success Manager at measureQuick, Owner of Energy & Environmental Consulting.  He is an industry Master Trainer, national presenter.  His diverse background in multiple trades provides a unique understanding of “The House and Occupant as a System.”  Joe has been evaluating homes for 20+ years and has been a Comfort Consultant /Trainer for over 15+ years providing solutions on Healthy/Energy Efficient Home Performance.


Certifications / knowledge base and committees include: Healthy Air Research and Certification Authority (HARCA) Board Member, ACCA, IAQ/IEQ assessments, ICC, BPI, RESNET, SMACNA, ASTM

Program Level:

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