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Session 5

October 30, 2023 @ 2:45-3:45pm
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The Future of Residential Ventilation: A Harm-Based Procedure

Richard Karg, Consultant,
Residential Energy Dynamics, Bethel, ME

Paul H. Raymer, Chief Investigator,
Heyoka Solutions, Falmouth, MA

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About this program:

Traditionally ventilation control has relied on occupant perception – if it stinks, open a window or turn
on a fan. Sensors, associated controls, and health impact knowledge have developed rapidly and will
continue to develop in the coming years offering opportunities for precise control of indoor air quality.
Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) is a measurement of reduced healthy life developed by the World
Health Organization (WHO). It is a measurement of the “gap between current health status and an ideal
health situation where the entire population lives to an advanced age, free of disease and disability.”
Many elements impact a healthy life, one of which is indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ is impacted by
ventilation. This session will apply the work done by the WHO on DALY analysis to a new ventilation rate
procedure based on contaminant control being developed by ASHRAE as a part of the 62.2 Standard. We
will also consider elements of mechanical system reliability and the where the hammer of responsibility
falls when some breaks.


Learning Goals:

By attending this session attendees will:

  • Learn about the DALY as a metric for health and mechanical ventilation control

  • Appreciate some of the factors that impact health in houses

  • Gain an understanding of the connection between ventilation and long-term health

  • Appreciate the value of an effective mechanical ventilation system

  • Gain insight into the intensions of the ASHRAE 62.2 committee regarding an IAQ Procedure


About the Presenters:

Paul Raymer

Paul H. Raymer has been working with building science for more than forty-five years,
and has developed and brought to market more than twenty products. He is the author of
the Residential Ventilation Handbook V2 (2017), Recalculating Truth (a novel), Death at
the Edge of the Diamond (a novel), and Second Law (a novel). He is BPI Envelope,
Building Analyst, Heating Professional and AC/Heat Pump certified, and a certified
HERS Rater, a member of ASHRAE 62.2 SSPC since 2002, a member of the AIVC
Industry Advisory Board, an IREC (Interstate Renewable Energy Council) Assessor, and
a board member of HARCA. His first teaching experience was in a one-room school on
the coast of Labrador. He has provided training and mentoring for building professionals
across the country and is a frequent conference presenter.

Rick Karg

Rick has been a member of the ASHRAE 62.2 residential ventilation committee since 2007. He was chair of the ASHRAE Residential Buildings Committee (RBC), was appointed to the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force in 2020, and received the RBC Service Award in 2023. In 2015 he was presented with the Phillip C. Hastings Award from Efficiency Maine Trust. Rick is the president of Residential Energy Dynamics (RED), the developer of the REDcalc software which is often used to size ASHRAE 62.2-compliant ventilation. He currently serves on the Industrial Advisory Board of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre, which has a membership of 17 countries.

Program Level:

Content Area(s):

The Future of ASHRAE Ventilation Standards

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