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October 30, 2023 @ pm
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Ventilation: And I Care Why?

Kurt T. Johnson Sr. HRAI Certified Venti 

Owner of Fresh Air Ventilation Systems, LLC

HRAI Trainer

About this program:

The dangers of indoor air pollution continue to make headlines. Yet, does the average builder or homeowner really care if the house is well ventilated? Covid 19, mold, phthalates, VOC's, radon etc.., Are the dangers real and is there enough evidence that should move the average person to action before illness arrives? I think there is and this presentation will try to persuade you to action. But what action and how much will it cost if I do, or if I don't take action. Come and see.

Learning Goals:


About the Presenter:

Designed and Installed over 1000 ventilation systems (18 yrs)

MIAQC board member, past president and current Treasurer

Presentations for MIAQC, AIQA, BPA, Healthy Homes, more...

Worked with the Council to get ASHRAE 62.2 as part of MUBEC and CSA F326 as a model code

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