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Session Number 2B - Connecticut Room

October 30, 2023 @ 10:00-11:00am
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Some Surprising Sources of IAQ Problems and Novel Ways to Sample Mold

Jeffrey May, IAQ Investigator, CIAQP CMC, May Indoor Air Investigations, LLC, Tyngsborough, MA

About this program:

For the last twenty-five years, I have investigated thousands of homes, schools, and offices spaces; and have examined by microscopy over 40,000 air and dust samples. Despite the many years I have spent as an IAQ investigator, I have been surprised by some of the indoor sources of allergens in of my investigations. I will discuss some of my more interesting IAQ cases, which include exposures from couches, carpets, bedding, and even clothing. I will describe several novel ways to gather samples, including the use of Air-o-Cell cassettes with a Scotch tape medium. My presentation will include case studies, photographs of conditions I have observed, and micrographs from samples that I examined. My focus is pragmatic rather than theoretical, and I invite anyone interested in IAQ to attend. I hope to teach people new ways of thinking about and approaching IAQ problems.


Learning Goals:

  • To recognize that mechanical equipment can be a powerful source of IAQ problems.

  • To identify sources of IAQ problems that occupants introduce into the building envelope.

  • To take a sample from a wall cavity without making a hole in the wall.

  • To take a source sample using an inexpensive mini-vacuum along with Scotch Tape in a cassette.

  • To understand that air sampling alone is not sufficient in an IAQ investigation; source sampling must be included.

About the Presenter:

Jeffrey C. May is principal scientist at May Indoor Air Investigations LLC, located in Tyngsboro, MA. His company investigates moisture, odor, and mold problems. Jeff is the co-author, along with Connie L. May, of “My House is Killing Me!” (2001; 2020), "My Office is Killing Me!" (2006), “The Mold Survival Guide” (2004), and "Jeff May’s Healthy Home Tips," (2008), all published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Jeff received his Master’s Degree in organic chemistry from Harvard University and served an adjunct faculty member at UMass Lowell. Before becoming an IAQ professional over 20 years ago, he was in turn a teacher, a contractor, and a home inspector. He was inducted into the IAQA Hall of Fame in 2018.

Program Level:


Content Area(s):

IAQ monitoring

Investigation and remediation of IAQ problems

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